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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I learned on my summer vacation

I just returned from a luscious week in San Diego. What a perfect escape from the Arizona heat and the world of emergency management. Well, almost . . . .
The first day in San Diego, I saw a “Tsunami Evacuation Zone” sign. This is where the emergency management geek in me comes out . . ..I thought the sign was sort of cool.
Of course I don’t wish a disaster on any community, but I thought the sign was a good way to raise awareness to those residents along the beach that they are in a high risk zone.
But it got me thinking . . .there are signs in my Arizona community... .”Don’t cross when flooded” that are also meant to raise awareness.
Even though I pass by these signs on a regular basis, I have come to overlook their existence.
I am not sure what the bottom line is . . .
I need to look at my community with a fresh perspective to see existing hazards or identify new ones . . .
I just need to go on more vacations . . .or
I need to be less of an emergency management geek.

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