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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Questions Are Easier Than Answers

I want to have all the answers.

I am not looking at profiting from having the answers . . . I just want it to make my job easier.

You are probably thinking, “this girl is a Public Information Officer . . .all she deals with is communication . . .how tough can her job be?”

Ok, point taken.

What I do is not rocket science, but I will argue that my job has its challenges.

At least in rocket science there is a more obvious explanation for an outcome based on input.

I spend much of my time working on plans to ensure a cohesive method for working together and networking to make sure other public information officers know what our office does. The main jest of my job is to ensure coordinated, accurate communication to the public should a disaster occur.

Webster defines communication as “an act of transmitting or an exchange of information.” Sure sounds easy, but lately I keep discovering the obstacles.

How do I overcome the white noise that will cloud the public from “hearing” what I am saying? What about language barriers? What about the challenge of changing information? How do I reach the public that may not be plugged in, tuned in or connected technologically? How do I train people that are disinterested in the process?

This week I have attended a bazillion meetings (ok, 5 in the last 2 days) that relate to aspects of the grab bag known as communication. . . .and I am not any closer to having the answers.

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