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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Cries of a Cold Weather Wimp

I am a Phoenix native . . . which explains why I am a cold weather wimp.

Growing up . . . I don’t think I ever had a real coat. Ok, maybe not the best in personal preparedness, but you will have to take that up with my mom.

As an adult, I spent a few years living in Santa Fe, New Mexico . . . which was my first exposure to a real winter. I had to learn different winter preparedness tips including how to drive in snow, what to do when you hit black ice and the importance of sandbags in your car trunk.

I enjoyed the occasional snow and even volunteered to shovel the snow for my neighbors or the walkway at work. Everyone thought I was crazy, but snow was such a novelty I enjoyed it.

Now that I am living back in Arizona . . . my blood has thinned again. When the temperature goes below 60, I am starting to wear a sweatshirt. My winter preparedness routine is less about driving in the snow and more about a freeze warning for my herb and flower gardens.

What does winter preparedness mean to you?

Do you have enough food at home if you can’t drive to the store?

What if the freezing weather triggers a power outage or as in southern Arizona, a lack of natural gas leaves you without heat?

Is your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Looks like the nation will be working to recover from this storm for a few days. I hope you are safe and warm. As for my friends in Santa Fe . . . you will have find someone else to shovel your driveway.

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