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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How did I Survive Without a Smartphone?

I love my iPhone.

When the iPhone debuted a few years ago I tried not to be impressed. But secretly I really wanted one. I am a practical girl . . .my old cell phone without all the bells and whistles was working just fine.

I finally broke down and two years ago purchased an iPhone. This phone has changed my life. Ok, a little melodramatic . . .but it really has made a difference.

You might be part of the iPhone fan club or have another make of smartphone . . .whichever, you can’t deny that the information at your finger tips is fabulous.

I am amazed at the variety of apps. Of course there are games, social networking, sports, travel, news, music, etc. . . .but here is a shout out to those emergency management related apps.

Emergency Response Guide is used by Police, Fire and EMS who may be first on scene to a hazardous material incident. The guide helps responders indentify the classification of materials.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) helps you keep track of emergency contacts and medical history. If you are involved in an accident and are unconscious, the first responders can have access to this key information.

OCFL Alert (soon to be released) is an app for the Orange County Florida residents that will help them learn about hazards on the horizon, resources to help citizens prepare for a disaster as well as where to go following its impact.

About a year ago we had a debate in the office about the need for an Arizona Emergency Information Network App . . . . we sort of tabled that discussion. What do you think . . .do we need an app?

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