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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparedness Comes in Many Forms

I recently hiked the Grand Canyon with family and friends. Even though we planned this trip well in advance (13 months in order to reserve cabins at Phantom Ranch), it turns out preparedness was the key to our success.

Our Grand Canyon hike preparedness came in 2 forms; training hikes to ensure our ability to handle the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails and shopping to ensure we had the right gear to endure adverse weather.

All that preparedness paid off.

We were well versed on the weather conditions. I checked the weather forecast for the Grand Canyon a couple times a day . . .hoping the cute little snowflakes would disappear. Since they showed no sign of disappearing, I was prepared with water resistant pants, jacket and gloves. Thankfully, I did not need to put this apparel to the test . . .but better warm than a soggy mess.

The trails that we traversed 2 miles below the rim of the Grand Canyon were covered with snow and ice. Luckily we were prepared with cramp-ons that attached to the bottom of our shoes and gave us a Spiderman-like grip of the icy trail. Ok, that may be an exaggeration . . .but they really did help and certainly improved my confidence as we walked on the slippery trail.

Other preparedness items we carried are similar to what you might find in your personal preparedness kit in your car or at home; duct tape, first aid kit, food, water, flashlight and Swiss army knife. We put all of these to use on the trek.

(Note photo of my brother with duct tape holding together his lunch bag)

While I look back on this adventure with fondness, perhaps the next vacation should involve less preparedness and more relaxation.


Anonymous said...

Just a nitpick, but:

"The trails that we traversed 2 miles below the rim of the Grand Canyon were covered with snow and ice."

The canyon isn't even close to 2 miles deep...

Judy Kioski said...

Oops, I meant to imply the length of the trail not the depth of the canyon. Thanks for pointing it out.