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Friday, February 12, 2016

Creating an emergency supplies kit on a budget

The holidays have passed us by; it is a new year and many people have set goals for 2016. One goal that’s easy to keep is to update or create an emergency supplies kit. If one of your goals was to save money, don’t worry, making a kit doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

An emergency supplies kit should contain three days worth of supplies for each person in your family, including pets if you have them. Your kit should include water, food, medications, first aid, flashlights, batteries, radio, hygiene items, and other personal items you may need.  

Buy mindfully:
ü  Save money by purchasing water, canned soups, meats, fruits and vegetables in bulk at wholesale stores.
ü   Buy generic items: they cost less than name brands. 
ü  Look for coupons in the paper or online before you go the grocery store. 
ü   Buy batteries, flashlights, tissues and other supplies at the local dollar store.

Other ways to save:

ü  Reuse older items. Store jacket and blankets you don't use anymore in your kit.
ü   Set aside a couple of dollars each week and add to your kit at the end of the month. 
ü  Hang onto the travel-sized items you get on trips (shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc.) and put them in your kit. 
ü   Request a free road map from your local department of transportation. 
ü   Store copies of important documents in a freezer bag.Freezer bags protect from water and dust and are much cheaper than expensive document protectors. 

Go a couple steps further and be completely prepared for an emergency or disaster:

ü  Write a communications plan identifying a family meeting place, evacuation routes, important phone numbers and an out-of-town contact.
ü   Know the risks in your community (wildfire, flood, etc.) and make sure you are properly insured for any events.
ü  Be a preparedness example for others. Give blood or take a first aid course

For more information on these steps and to learn about Arizona’s potential hazards, visit the Arizona Emergency Information Network (AzEIN) at

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