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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Road trip to cooler weather

Route 66, Photo Courtesy:
Arizona Department of Transportation
At a little more than two hours, it's not the longest road trip to make, but my wife and I still considered many little things before we traveled to Flagstaff for our weekend staycation.

This trip was the perfect opportunity for my family to practice key elements of emergency preparedness. Traveling away from home requires lots of factors to consider.

My wife and I left early in the morning, so we didn’t  rush while driving and  enjoyed our drive to northern Arizona. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we ate  before we left so we were fueled for our  journey. Water is a must. We packed a few snacks, including protein bars, nuts and snack mix. Gatorade or Powerade are excellent bonuses to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes while on the road.

Thinking ahead is always crucial in emergency planning.  When I go to Flagstaff, I'm always amazed that we're still in the same state because it's so much cooler there. This  was hard to fathom when we grabbed our hooded sweatshirts out of the closet as it was 100+ degrees outside in Phoenix. We knew high 60s to mid 70s awaited!

We tracked traffic reports to identify road closures before we were on our way. Once on the road, whoever is the passenger checks the cell phone GPS for accidents or closures up ahead. We keep a charger in the car for our phones.

It helps having two people in the car-- the other person can take over driving in case the driver gets tired. We try to keep an eye out for rest stops so we can take stretch breaks and use the restroom as needed.

Lastly, in the trunk of the car, I keep jumper cables, flashlights, extra batteries and other helpful things like synthetic motor oil, brake fluid, WD-40 and a funnel.

Being prepared helps us along the way and gives us the peace of mind necessary to fully enjoy our trip. 

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