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Monday, July 24, 2017

Day trip to a cool 91 degrees

After a couple weeks of triple-digit temps in Phoenix, my wife and I had to get out of town to break things up. I'd heard so many great things about Jerome, but had never made the trip. So going there for the day on a Sunday was an easy call.

Jerome, Arizona
I'm always cautious before I take my car on a road trip. It's an older car that's been through more than its fair share of states, but it's reliable. I make sure to get my tire pressure checked before we head off. I highly recommend getting that done at any point, but especially before a road trip.  Several places will check your tire pressure and fill your tires to the appropriate level for free, and as a bonus, it gives you peace of mind knowing your tires are in good shape.

Jerome, Arizona
We packed snacks for the road to keep up the energy. Even though it might be tempting to go for coffee, a frappuccino, or an energy drink, water and sports drinks prove to be the best call time and again to stay hydrated, especially in the Arizona heat.

It is also a good idea to make sure you charge your phone and have a charger with you. If you are going to use your phone as a camera, double check to make sure it has enough storage left on it. I have no "selfie" control, and Jerome is a photographer's playground, even if you are a novice like me. I took only a handful of photos and ran out of room to take anymore.

Long story short, Jerome was WONDERFUL! I enjoyed the charming, artistic, historic, mountain-top town and I will surely be back. All in all, it was so worth it to get out of town and hike a little bit. Mostly I was glad to spend some time in "cool" 91-degree weather!

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